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"Virtual Design Assistant" grows the Conversion Rate of DIY e-commerce sites by 180%


wallpaper models by known European producers (GranDeco, Erismann, Rasch, etc.)


laminate models (Kronopol, Kronostar, etc.)


the average conversion growth rate of purchases in e-commerce stores (in the visualised categories of goods)/

Why it is UNREAL

To Choose Finishing Materials


  • It is very difficult to choose something among lots of goods of different brands, styles and price ranges.
  • Your customers are not really sure thy will like the design after the repair will be finished.
  • For some goods (like wallpaper and laminate) it is difficult to show the real appearance of the material with tiny images on a web site.

Our unique visualisation technology can show any variations of different finishing materials on a photo-quality like images, also we can help your customers to estimate the required amount of finishing materials, and offer additional products (upsell and crosssell).
How it works
Product page

Detail information on your product

Your customers can use the "Visualise It" button on every product page of your site.
When you click in "Visualise It" button:

Typical living room

When you click in "Visualise It" button, a pop-up shows a photo-realistic image of a room, where you can see how the product will look like on the walls or on the floor. All the dimesions and patterns of your product are carefully represented.

When you click in "Visualise It" button:
Typical bedroom

Different light modes will show how your product will look like at the evening or at noon. The type of bulbs in the light sources also affects the appearance of finishing materials.

When you click in "Visualise It" button:
Typical kitchen

Kitchen fronts is a separate type of visualisation material you can offer to preview.

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What DIY Sellers say:
  • "A man want to be fond of the repair of his place. He want to share it as a delicious dish."

    Tatjana Kuznetsova
    Tarkett Russ
  • "Retail should speak personally to his customers. Retail should understand the needs of every individual."

    Kirill Liseev
    "Akzonobel Decor"
  • "16% of our turnover is from online channels, as the customers use the web everytime and everywhere."

    Aleksey Fedorov
    "220 volt"
We can show
"Примерка" обоев в гостиной
"Примерка" обоев в гостиной
"Примерка" обоев в спальной
"Примерка" обоев в спальной
"Примерка" обоев в кухне
"Примерка" обоев в кухне
"Примерка" обоев в кухне
"Примерка" обоев в кухне
"Примерка" обоев в гостиной
"Примерка" обоев в гостиной
"Примерка" обоев в спальной
"Примерка" обоев в спальной

It shoud be easy to make a choice of wallpapers!

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